Our Vision

“We will be the preferred partner for a sustainable, vibrant and a winning transformation of our client organizations” - Uday S Desai
Global Managing Partner

Our Mission

  • To focus on results through proactive Customer Partnerships
  • To deploy top of the line intellectual capital and best practices in a stimulating environment that results in Innovative Management solutions
  • To upgrade our skills constantly with best Industry practices and tools
  • To Strive towards building in-depth knowledge about our customer organization and Industry

TAFBE Lean Six Sigma


After participating in our TAFBE Lean Six Sigma workshops participants can expect the following outcomes :

  • By applying the Six Sigma insights, principles and techniques learnt during the workshop the team can exceed the past performance levels and create new standards of performance
  • The workshop acts as a catalyst and helps establish a high level of employee engagement to the corporate/business goals
  • The cross functional synergy that is critical to the team's performance can be achieved through this workshop.
  • The key stake holders and the executive team can use the workshop platform to launch their goals and bring about an alignment with the aspirations of the team.
  • Teams will experience total freedom of expression and high energy levels due to clarity of vision
  • Teams can expect smooth communication and enhanced ability to solve problems.

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